Interventional Lung Solutions

Case Studies:

A Closer Look at a Clear Opportunity

Take a look at the data-driven information in our case studies, and see how our platform can impact your lung health program.

The superDimension™ Navigation System Paired with Tattooing Guides VATS Pulmonary Resection

Using the superDimension™ system to tattoo ground glass opacities (GGO) and small nodules allows precise locatability of the target area and directs pulmonary VATS procedures.

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Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy Procedure Use in a Paramediastinal Lesion

ENB procedures help providers navigate to difficult locations, obtain better angles for biopsy, and place fiducial markers, even with paramediastinal lesions that are typically difficult to reach.

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Use of EMN for Insertion and Fixation of Radiosurgical Markers for the Setup and Tracking of a Lung Tumor During Radiation Therapy

Covidien’s superDimension™ system provides safe placement of radio-opaque markers for radiation therapy.

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Dye Marking Helps Surgeons to Pursue Lung Nodules As Small As 2 mm

Using Covidien’s superDimension™ system, a surgeon can conduct an ENB procedure (also known as an Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy procedure) to mark small and otherwise unidentifiable lung lesions for removal.

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