Interventional Lung Solutions

Marker Specifications

superDimension™ fiducial markers are designed for use with the Medtronic superDimension™ navigation system, which is indicated for endobronchial placement of fiducial markers.

Part Number Description Unit
SD_Nitinol_Coil_Marker_3_silo_4C  SDGN447  SuperLock™ nitinol coil fiducial marker
(0.8 mm x 3.5 mm Gold Seed)
7 mm overall length deployed
4 mm diameter nitinol coil deployed
SD_Two_Band_Marker_silo_4C SDM2 superDimension™ 2-band fiducial marker
(0.9 mm x 13 mm)
SD_Three_Band_Marker_silo_4C SDM3 superDimension™ 3- band fiducial marker
(0.9 mm x 23 mm)
SD_5mm_Coil_Marker_silo_4C SDC5 superDimension™ 5 mm coil fiducial marker
(0.9 mm x 5 mm)
SD_10mm_Coil_Marker_silo_4C SDC10 superDimension™ 10 mm coil fiducial marker
(0.9 mm x 10 mm)
SD_20mm_Coil_Marker_silo_4C SDC20 superDimension™ 20 mm coil fiducial marker
(0.9 mm x 20 mm)
superDimension™ Marker Delivery Kit
SD_Marker_Delivery_Kit SDMDK1000 Delivery Catheter and Guide Wire included in each kit
• 5 French (0.070 inch/1.8 mm) outside diameter
• 0.040 inch inside diameter
• 125 cm length
• 0.038 inch outside diameter guidewire
• 150 cm length


Fiducial markers Indications for Use:
The superLock fiducial marker is intended to be used to radiographically mark soft tissue for future surgical or therapeutic purposes.

Marker Delivery Kit Indications for Use:
Indicated for displaying images of the tracheobronchial tree to aid the physician in guiding endoscopic tools or catheters in the pulmonary tract and to enable marker placement within soft lung tissue. It does not make a diagnosis and is not an endoscopic tool. Not for pediatric use.

See product labeling for relevant contraindications, warnings and precautions.
Federal law (USA) restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.