Interventional Lung Solutions

Pulmonary Tools

Each one is an innovation, together they can have a powerful impact

The Arcpoint™ pulmonary needle, GenCut™ core biopsy system, and superDimension™ biopsy tools are the only tools specifically designed for use with the Medtronic superDimension™ system during an ENB procedure. The sterile, single-use biopsy tools feature flexible shaft designs for improved trackability and maneuverability.

The CoreCath™ 2.7S electrosurgical device lets you debulk and coagulate soft tissue obstructions in the upper airways and tracheobronchial tree while also evacuating smoke with integrated suction.

  • Arcpoint™ Pulmonary Needle
  • GenCut™ core biopsy system
  • superDimension™ aspirating needles and pre-marked aspirating needles
  • superDimension™ cytology brush
  • superDimension™ needle-tipped cytology brush
  • superDimension™ triple needle cytology brush
  • superDimension™ biopsy forceps
  • CoreCath™ 2.7S electrosurgical device