Interventional Lung Solutions

Tool Features

GenCut™ Core Biopsy System
Features Benefits
Proprietary blade design Able to shear and collect tissue samples that are large and intact, helping physicians to provide pathology with samples that enables cytology, histology and molecular profiling for personalized medicine.
Designed to acquire multiple tissue samples with a single pass Allows continual sampling that decreases procedure time vs. multiple-pass biopsy tools
Capable of flexibility that mimics the sensor catheter Gives physicians consistency from navigation to biopsy, accessing lesions throughout the lung
superDimension™ Aspirating Needles
Features Benefits
Shorter needle length Optimal for sampling endobronchial tissue, especially in distal airways
Clear catheter Allows for direct visualization during sampling
superDimension™ Cytology Brush
Features Benefits
3 mm brush diameter Maximizes sample size
Metal tipped sheath Allows for fluoroscopic visualization during tissue collection
superDimension™ Needle-tipped Cytology Brush
Features Benefits
Sharpened tip Enables tissue to be punctured or penetrated in order to obtain a biopsy sample
3 mm forward-facing bristles Maximizes sample size
Silver soldered fused doublewire construction Maintains tip integrity
superDimension™ Triple Needle Cytology Brush
Features Benefits
Unique three brush design Designed to sample more broadly than a single cytology brush
Three brush design enables multiple modes of cell collection • Cells collected on three brushes versus one
• Capable of trapping larger tissue samples between the brushes
superDimension™ Biopsy Forceps
Features Benefits
Shaft reinforced with proprietary sheath Maximizes trackability and push to navigate tortuous anatomy
Enhanced column strength Provides control during passage through the superDimension™ extended working channel
Smooth, bilateral cup edges Clean, precise bit