Interventional Lung Solutions

superDimension™ Navigation System with Fluoroscopic Navigation Technology

A clear choice to aid in proven, personalized medicine

Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy (ENB) procedures are a minimally invasive approach that accesses difficult-to-reach areas of the lung, aiding in the diagnosis of lung disease and leading to earlier, personalized treatment, potentially saving lives. In addition, our technology used in the Medtronic superDimension™ navigation system has been recognized as a remarkable way to maximize the possibilities that ENB procedures create, with 59 clinical studies completed to date, plus the largest ENB study yet currently underway: a global NAVIGATE clinical study.

Today, leaders in the healthcare industry recognize ENB as a recommended method of obtaining lung tissue biopsies from peripheral regions.1 Not all ENB systems are the same. The superDimension™ navigation system is a proven technology, with 92% of ENB procedures performed using our system, in over 800 leading medical facilities around the world. Our efforts in augmenting ENB were recognized in 2014 and 2015, when we were nominated as “Best Medical Technology” by the Galien Foundation.

Covidien superDimension overhead shot

Watch a Procedure

We’ve taken you inside the lung. With Fluoroscopic Navigation technology*, you can look a little closer.

Our new software algorithms use multiple fluoroscopic images, providing:

  • Enhanced visualization of soft tissue objects like lung lesions2
  • Accurate modeling of three-dimensional distances on two-dimensional images2,3
  • Local registration to help compensate for local CT-to-body divergence – up to 3 cm2
  • Updated catheter position relative to nodule, once nodule location is confirmed3
  • Ability to visualize smaller nodules2


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* Fluoroscopic Navigation technology is currently only available in the United States
1 Rivera M.P. et al. Chest 143;(5 Suppl):E142S–65S. 2013.
2 Data on file
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